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Utilising a blend of Yellow Pea Protein concentrate with Organic Brown Rice concentrate, X50 Raw Vegan Blend contains 18 naturally occurring amino acids, is low sugar and is only 5% fat, as well as having a high-quality organic ancient grain blend to ensure optimal nutrition is achieved.

Yellow Pea Protein: Pea protein is a dairy and gluten free high-quality protein source with high naturally occurring branched chain amino acids and comprises 65% of the protein blend in X50.

Organic Brown Rice: Organic Brown Rice protein is a high recovery amino acid yielding protein source that is dairy and gluten free, providing a high percentage of BCAA’s and is great for maximising muscle recovery.

Superfood Blend: Utilising a nutrient dense superfood blend like the one in x50 ensures optimal health by providing a high dose of naturally occurring antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, to ensure immune health, cell health and general bodily functions are maintained optimally.

Consuming high-quality antioxidants has been shown to reduce the negative effects of free radicals, which increase with stressors such as life and exercise, such as decreased systemic inflammation and improved immunity markers.

Ingredients: Yellow pea protein concentrate (64%), Organic brown rice protein concentrate (23%), Cocoa. (7%), Natural Flavours, Natural Sweetners (1.5%) (xylitol, stevia) Superfood Blend (0.07%) (organic freeze dried acai, camu camu, organic goji berry, sea buckthorne juice, l-carnitine, green coffee extract (0.1%) , Green Tea Extract (0.1%), Organic Ancient Grains Blend (0.5%) (organic amaranth, organic quinoa, organic buckwheat, organic millerr, organic chai).

Allergens: none

Gluten-Free , Vegan, Organic

Calories 100 | Fat 1.5g | Protein 17.3g | Net Carbs 2.9g