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7 WAYS TO GET MOTIVATED for Your 2022 Fitness Goals

Brought to you by the CEO of Jisme

How many times have you set fitness goals for the new year, only to break them halfway through February (if you make it that far)? “NEW YEAR NEW YOU” we feel you. That’s why this year, we’re sharing realistic ways to get and stay motivated for all 2022 fitness goals.
From fashionable fitness gear & equipment that makes you stand out during your works outs, to healthy delicious snack alternatives that leave you feeling that you’re not dieting at all. Read on for seven tips to get in tip-top shape in this new year. Here’s to getting your sweat on!

Look the part!

The biggest motivator to get you up and want you to go to the gym is a fresh set of new gym clothes. Jisme experts have done some extensive research and have found the perfect work out set that not only looks good, but feels good. The Hera Set by Dios Dubai is known for its ultra-comfort and form fitting work out gear. The seamless set made from Nylon (90%) and Spandex (10%) with its ribbed waist feature, perfectly stretches over curves while pulling in and contouring the midsection, thus giving off an ideal hourglass figure. On Jisme, we list many different Dios collections with a plethora of colors to choose from that will make you stand out and look your best while getting into shape.

Get snatched!

The second and one of the most important motivators to work out is knowing that your waist is going to get “snatched” after your hard work outs. The Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer is a fitness belt that is placed around the waist and abdominal region in order to help burn fat. The belt is known to increase your core temperature during exercise, and improve thermogenic activity which results in a reduction of abdominal fat. Not only does the Sweet Sweat Belt promote an additional increase in sweating when used during exercise, it also provides instant abdominal compression and lumbar support.

Take care of your gut!

Now that we look good, and feel snatched, it’s time to work on our gut health. New you means a d-tox is in order to help eliminate the toxins you have consumed in the prior years. What better way to clean your gut then to get some vitamins in at the same time? Balance Gummies by Rite work to improve overall digestion, support gut health, and reduce appetite. The Balance Gummies combine powerful ingredients to promote a healthy digestion and control your appetite. Best part about these delicious gummies are that they are totally natural, vegan, gluten free and keto friendly so you don’t have to worry about consuming additional sugar.

While we are on the topic of gut health, another great way to take care of your gut is with The Broth lab 1-week d-tox cleanse. Did you know bone broth is one of the most nutrient-dense, healing foods for the digestive system? It’s a great way to kick off a healthier way of eating and to help resolve symptoms related to poor digestion and other health concerns.

Additional benefits of the bone broth include:

Rich in nutrients and minerals (like calcium, phosphorus, silicon, sulphur, and more) from the bones.
Bone broth is full of collagen which nourish the gut, skin, and joints.
It’s full of beneficial amino acids.
It reduces inflammation systemically.
Bone broth heals and seals the gut lining, preventing and healing gut permeability.
It’s a powerful immune system booster.

Don’t miss out!

Starting a new journey can be a drag especially if you’re following a new restrictive diet in order to lose weight or get into shape. One of the biggest problems that arise when following diets is getting those “late night cravings” or having to say no to yummy desserts at gatherings. Jisme has solved this problem for you by providing healthy, sugar-free, guilt-free desserts that you can store or take on the go for whenever you need to fight those sugary cravings. Guilt-free desserts found on Jisme range from delicious cookies, cakes, grain-free snacks and sugar-free chocolates you can indulge in without having to worry about ruining your New Year goals.

Get Help!

Hopping on the New Year’s resolution fitness bandwagon may seem cliché – especially if you’ve done it before, only to find yourself on the couch every morning, afternoon, and night within the next months. No one can argue that getting help from an experience health coach or personal trainer to help you with your new goals is the right thing to do. Not only will they be able to show you the best exercises target for your body, but they also will teach you the proper techniques to avoid injury as well as hold you accountable for your targets. Jisme makes it easy for you to find help in the click of a button with our directory of fitness trainers and health coaches to guide you to your new fitness goals. What better way to get to your goals then to have someone along the way to motivate you get you through it correctly!

Find An Accountability Partner

What is a better alarm then your best friend calling you asking you if you’re ready to work out? Find a partner, whether it’s a trainer, a friend, or even your significant other. A workout partner provides a powerful level of support to keep you motivated year-round. In fact, the American Society of Training and Development said that “having a regular workout partner will increase your likelihood of reaching your fitness goal by 95 percent”. Make sure to choose someone who will not accept your excuses or give you a pass when you’re not in the mood to hit the gym.

Let’s Get Real

Even if things did not go according to plan the last time around, every New Year is an opportunity to move forward. That’s the whole point of resolutions, after all. Your health and fitness are particularly well-suited to the practice, even if it feels hard to stay consistent. Remember, Dubai wasn’t built in a day, but it was built fast with consistent hard work. Remember, you aren’t going to reach your fitness goals all at once, it will take plenty of time and a lot of hard work and dedication to reach them. You have to be patient and understand that you may not see immediate results within the first few weeks. With that being said, keep your goals realistic and try to set attainable goals for yourself and with any health and fitness goal you have, Jisme is here to help you achieve it every step of the way!
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