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2 punnents (200g)

Using the latest hydroponics technology, we are growing delicious, nutritious micro-greens and herbs without sunlight, soil, or pesticides. Our revolutionary farming methods use up to 90% less water, they are energy-efficient and sustainable.

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A hint of bitterness with a peppery taste but mild. Just like raw broccoli.
The taste of broccoli cress is wonderfully mild and very versatile to use to add a delicious touch of health to various dishes and recipes. Consider adding to salads, soups on bread, and briefly stir-frying.

High antioxidant content
Fights cancer
Prevents glaucoma
Promotes healthy skin
Breaks down urinary stones

Rich in Vitamin A and C

How to use it?
Raw, Garnish, Smoothies

Fish, beef, chicken, salad, pasta, sandwiches, vegetarian, sushi, soup, pizza, sushi, grills.

How to maintain?
Slightly water the punnets with fresh water on a daily basis. They are to be stored in the refrigerator.