Cyato – Rwanda Coffee Beans



Country Of Bean Origin: Rwanda


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Sourced from Rwanda’s best coffee plantations, Cyato Sector, Western Province, at a height of 1850-2200 AMSL. Farmers in the Cyato sector own coffee farms around the Nyungwe forest, which is favorable for coffee plantations, not only because of the abundant presence of bees but also for the rich black humus and sandy soil. The region is also near Lake Kivu, which provides a cool and wet climate at high elevations.

This coffee is best suited for filter/pour-over brews, producing a uniquely delicate, and clean cup with a syrupy body, sweet lingering finish, and clean acidity. 100% Arabica, washed whole coffee beans, medium-roasted.

Tasting notes: molasses, chocolate, orange

Cup Score: 86

Ethically Traded | Direct Trade | Washed | Specialty Coffee

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