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Our Keto Starter Pack Bundle is a great way to get all your favorite Keto needs at a discounted price!

You will receive 4 coconut wraps, 1 snickers bar, 1 salad dressing, 4 bagels, 1 sugar substitute, 1 package of crackers, and 1 chocolate low-calorie protein bar.

Coconut Wraps:
Calories 57 | Fat 9g | Protein 1g | Net Carbs 0.9g

Snickers Bar:
Calories 213 | Fat 20.85g | Net Carbs 3.62g | Protein 4.68g

Lemon Vinaigrette:
Nutrition per 100g: Calories 12.43 | Fat 1.05g | Protein 0.25g | Carbs 1.07g

Sesame Bagels:
Calories 160 | Fat 12g | Protein 9g | Total Carbs 8g | Net Carbs 2g

Per 100g: Calories 98 | Fat 0g | Net Carbs 29g | Protein 0g

Wise Crackers (rosemary & almond):
Calories 255 | Fat 18.1g | Net Carbs 2.1g | Protein 9.2g

Chocolate Dice Low-Calorie Protein Cookie:
Calories 306 | Fat 13g | Carbs 28g | Protein 20g


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