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Massage Bar – Dilka Bloom (3 bars)

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3 bars – 0.77g


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Natural & Organic Massage Bar: This product gets rid of dead and damaged skin cells, as it lightens the dark areas of the body and softens the skin all day long which tightens the body’s limbs, and stimulated blood circulation. The use of this product after taking a nice shower, give a portion of your Dilka a bath as well by dipping it into warm water about a quarter of a cup. After removing it from the cup, squeeze the Dilka until it runs dry. Once the Dilka is dried up, start scrubbing it across your body to remove the dead skin in the process. Once you’re done with your scrubbing session it’s time to have a warm water-only shower.

Ingredients: Cinnamon, Corn, Wheat, Sandal Wood, Musk, Olive Oil, Sesame Oil, and Sugar

Organic, Natural, Cruelty-Free


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