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2 punnents (200g)

Using the latest hydroponics technology, we are growing delicious, nutritious micro-greens and herbs without sunlight, soil, or pesticides. Our revolutionary farming methods use up to 90% less water, they are energy-efficient and sustainable.

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Also known as pea shoots, this fresh ingredient adds the taste of spring to any dish. The thin, textured tendrils and soft green leaves of the tendril pea are succulent, tender and hugely flavorsome. Packed with sweet, fresh green and nutty tones, these shoots are enjoyed best when served fresh, lightly steamed, or sautéed.

7x more vitamin C than blueberries
4x more vitamin A than tomatoes
Controls blood sugar levels
Reduce food craving
Supports the immune system
Ensures proper cell regeneration
Can aid in weight loss
Helps to prevent heart disease

Rich in vitamins K, B1 and C, as well as dietary fibre, phosphorus and folate

How to use?
The more decorative version of the classic pea taste as good as they look when folded into salads and stir fries, sprinkled on soups and pizzas, or blended into nutritious smoothies.

Salad base, Soup, Meat Dishes, Smoothies, Avocado toast, Great for vegetarian and vegans dishes.

How to maintain?
Slightly water the punnets with fresh water on daily basis. They are to be stored in the refrigerator.