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Roastlab Specialty Coffee Drip Bags

AED 150.00


Country Of Bean Origin: Ethiopia

Per box: 12 pouches

Each box contains 3 varieties of coffee: Tarara, Guji and Yirga Chefe.
Each sachet contain 12g of coffee, 4 sachet of each total is 12.

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Ethiopia – 100% Arabica ground coffee, single-origin.

Region: Tarara (Natural,Sun-dried)
Altitude: 1900 M
Flavor: Berry fruit, Cinnamon, Lemon Citrus

Region: Guji (Natural, Sun-dried)
Altitude: 2100 M
Flavor: Sage, Raspberry, Tart berry, Balanced acidity, Floral

Region: Yirgacheffee
Altitude: 1950 M
Flavor: Apricot, berry compote, floral and fruit complexity, sweet after taste

Ethically Traded | Direct Trade | Organic | Sun-Dried | Specialty Coffee


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